Trouble after reinstalling xp


Hi, i had xp and vista dualbooting using h'n's, my problem is i had vista hidden and when i have reinstalled xp i dont see the vista partition so i cant reinstall the bootloader using easybcd, i put the vista disk in and went to the repair section, it detected sartup problems and it says it was fixed and to reboot, but i still only have xp and cant see the vista partition at all...?

You really should have disabled HnS before reinstalling XP - now HnS is no longer the bootloader, and you have no way of making it show.

Download the latest copy of HnS and run this:
Start -> Run -> cmd.exe
cd "path\to\where\you\downloaded\and\extracted\hns\"
bootsect.exe /nt60 all
Copy data\GRLDR from HnS' folder to the partition with NTLDR. Rename it from GRLDR to BOOTMGR. Reboot.

That should give you a menu to boot into Vista with. Once that's done, re-run HnS in Vista to uninstall, then re-install it to add all XP and Vista entries properly.
You were right, i did uninstall from xp, but all is ok i have another pc with the same setup so i copied the boot files from that pc to this one and all is well, i have learnt from this.....