Trouble Booting From CD


I created a recovery disk following the instructions on the NeoSmart Files webpage. I then changed my BIOS settings to boot from my CD drive first. When I restart my computer (HP Desktop) I am asked to "push any key to boot from CD/DVD" which I immediately do. It says "Loading Windows Files" then proceeds to a loading bar that says Microsoft Corporation under it like it does when starting up normally (right before it goes to the user accounts where you put in password to finish start up). After that loading page the screen goes black and doesn't do anything. From there I just have to turn off the computer using the power button on the CPU. No keys work or anything. Any help or suggestions? Thanks!
It sounds like you have Vista preinstalled on the HP system there and were expecting to what? see Windows reinstalled? ...or trying to repair a startup problem?

If you were attempting the second that's all you will since the recovery disks made up are only for the repair tools only like you would see included on an original full version or recovery disk. These are not intended for seeing Windows reinstalled only for booting up to get at the repair tools section.

For seeing Windows reinstalled you would need the original HP recovery disk if provided or use the recovery option HP provides if a key or key combination is assigned for that when first starting up the system. The recovery disks made up from here will only stall once you try to go past the repair tools section.
I need to restore Vista to be just like the day the computer was new. I don't know whether that means I need to reinstall Vista or restore it somehow. I don't have a Vista disk or HP recovery disk. All I have is what I made according to the NeoSmart forum and the two disks my computer prompted me to make when I first bought it. So how would I be able to take my system back that far?
Try hitting Ctrl + F11 or F12 after the BIOS flash screen and see if you can boot to the Recovery Partition that companies put on there. That should allow you to restore the PC to factory settings.
Which HP model is that? The user manual as well as the troubleshooting section at HP will show which key or key combination to use for the factory installed recovery options. Their support site may also have a section on how to go about creating your own recovery disk that will work with the factory preinstall there.
I'm using an HP Pavilion a6130n. I created a set of recovery disks as instructed by the HP support website. I then put the first disk in and turned the computer off. Then turned it back on as instructed. It starts to boot, gives a "loading windows files" status bar and completes it. Then it just goes to blue screen and stays there. Any suggestions? I'm just trying to restore it to factory settings so how can I do this?
A former neighbor stopped by one and mentioned just having bought a new Dell XPS model where the Del key was set aside for that on their newer models. The time to press the F11 key then is just before seeing the onscreen display of Windows files being loaded since that is software not the initial logo screen usually seen instead of the actual black screen with post tests being displayed. The bios will then start the recovery instead looking at the mbr information due to the preprogramming for this seen there.
Ut oooo...! You may have inadvertently damaged or lost information on the actual recovery partition. Or the preinstall had a problem to begin with.

The link in the Faq article there brings you to the same page for creating your own set of recovery disks which you already tried. But you can also order a set directly from HP if needed.

You may end up needing to use that option if you don't get any further with the recovery partition itself.
If you got the recovery discs you burned I would use those. Should contain an exact copy of the contents of your damaged recovery partition.
Yote burned the downloads he got here not from following manufacturer's instructions for creating disks from the preinstalled copy of Windows and recovery partition. Those are strictly for the repair tools not for a full system restoration. This is why I posted the link for ordering a set premade according to that system's serial direct from HP.