Trouble installing Easy BCD

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Hi folks. I'm a newbie. I bought a used T61 ThinkPad with windoz 7 and created a new partition to install XP on. That went OK but windoz XP does not recognize the built in wifi on the T61 so I can't access the internet to download Easy BCD onto that computer. I did download EasyBCD onto a thumb drive with another computer but when I put the thumb drive into the new computer the Easy BCD tells me that the configuration is wrong for the computer I really really need it on.
I presume someone else has had this problem. What is the solution?
Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Mak 2.0

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Already answered in the other topic you created.

Can't install EasyBCD

No need to post your query in multiple areas. We will respond and assist you when we are online. Having multiple topics only means you can get multiple answers to your question and not know what has already been stated. Causing you more confusion. Keep your queries to a single topic to help yourself out as well as those trying to assist you.
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