Trouble with Copied HD in Vista Ultimate 64-bit


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I have a new HP dv7-1451nr laptop. It has a 500gb HD, 5400 rpm. I have purchases a 320gb HD, 7200 rpm. The laptop has two bays, so I installed the new drive, formatted it and got it to be visible.

Because I was going to a smaller drive, I shrunk the OS partition of the old HD, made a new partition for Documents; there is also a RECOVERY partition. I partitioned the new drive to have partition of equal size as the OS partition and the RECOVERY partition, with the new Documents partition using the remaining space.

I then copied the OS partition to the new HD using HDClone. I was expecting it to run immediately [as such copies have worked in XP]. However, no go. Could not boot. Loaded in Safe Mode, but the files would only load to 'crcdisk.sys'

I have used the Recovery CD and done numerous repairs, but it will not boot.

Therefore, I reformatted the new drive without any partitions. I copied the OS partition to it, but problem persists. I then used the Recovery DVD's that I made when I bought the laptop. The load process seemed to go well. I restarted, and screen stated that there was not boot drive available. I used the Recovery CD, but it cannot find the operating system. I clicked load drivers, and see the C: drive, but it is not formatted.

From the Command Prompt, the default drive is X:\Sources. I try to change to C:\ and get this message: The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.

Help is appreciated!
Your recovery tool wiped the drives clean. You well need to re-install Windows either using it or a normal Windows DVD (so you can partition the drive the way you want it).