Try (hd0,0) Hang


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Here is my problem, I've had Windows 7 + Ubuntu 9.10 Dualboot via Grub 2 for a few months but i just added Windows XP onto a partition and thats where i started getting problems because of Windows XP it overwrited the MBR meaning i got the XP Boot loader, So i restored Grub 2 and tried editing it to boot XP and Win7 that didn't work at all for some reason so instead i restored the windows 7 boot loader (thinking it would be easier to edit using EasyBCD).

I managed to use EasyBCD to Now boot Windows 7 and XP but now im having problems adding a option to boot Ubuntu 9.10, Here is my Drive's Setup:

* Disk 0
* * 80GB PARTITION - Ubuntu 9.10 File-system
* * 100MB - Windows 7 System Reserved
* * 803.70GB - Windows 7 File-system
* * 8.30GB - Ubuntu 9.10 Swap
* * 39.41GB - Windows XP File-system
* Disk 1
* * 465.76GB - File Storage
* Disk 2
* * 931.51GB - File Storage
* Disk 3
* * 465.75GB - File Storage
* Disk 4
* * 50GB - File Storage
* * 881.50GB - File Storage

Hope thats readable, As you can see all my systems are on Disk 0, and the other drives are just file storage.

I am using EasyBCD 2.0 BETA, so what i did was just add Linux Entry with Type GRUB 2 and changed the name, Im confused though how i cant click the device to use? Because how does it know where my linux partition is? so restarted and clicked the Linux Entry and all it does is bring up Try (hd0,0), this would be the Linux Partition that it's trying or isn't it?

Thanks for Reading, Hope you can help me, Any Info needed please ask...