Try (hd0,0) NTFS5 No ang0


I've used EasyBCD to create a dual-boot between Windows 7 / Ubuntu 9.10.
When I turn on my computer, i have the choice between the 2 OS.

My problem is if I choose to boot on Linux, i get the message " Try (hd0,0) NTFS5 No ang0 " then at the end of about 1 or 2 minutes there is this message "Try (hd0,5) NTFS5" and i instantly go to the GRUB menu.

How can I correct this and get to the GRUB menu directly without waiting?


Yeah it must be a bug...Actually it's working now after i read a post on the forums telling to give a letter to the hidden partition created during the Win 7 installattion.

Anyway my conf is HDD is HardDrive2, there are 4 partitions : 100Mo (hidden sysfiles for Win7 i guess), C:\ 100Go for Win7, D:\ 160Go for my docs and 30Go for Ubuntu9.10

I am too trying to dual ubuntu 9.10 and windows 7

I added the grub 2 entry and when i boot if i select the entry for ubuntu, it just says try hd(0,0) which is correct hard drive, partition combo. But it doesnt do anything after that?

I figure i did it right do i just have to wait longer?
Hi Keypox, welcome to NST.
Do you have an unlettered partition marked "system" "active" in Disk Management ?
If so, give it a letter and try again.