Trying to add Easy Recovery Essentials ISO to Easy BCD 2.3 but ISO is greyed out

I am following the instruc:tions for creating a boot CD at:
Making an EasyRE Recovery USB

I have carefully followed all the steps. But at Step 5 where I'm supposed to add the ISO entry for Easy RE, the dialogs are all greyed out. I can't add a label or browse to the ISO file.

I'm already stressed out trying to get my Windows 10 machine to boot. Now I have hit a roadblock because I cannot complete the process of creating the bootable USB drive.

Is there a missing step to enabling the ISO fields? I have looked at the instructions carefully three times and even reformatted and started again. Still greyed out.

Never mind. I made the "mistake" of reading the instructions on the product page. They explicitly tell customers to use EasyBCD. So I was already downloading and studying before the receipt for my purchase of Easy Recovery arrived. Now I discover that EasyBCD is a legacy product and that they have something else to use. Easy USB Creator is simple and it does the job. (Why won't they make it so it can work with Rufus?)
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Hiya Goattee,

As you discovered, the recommendation is to use Easy USB Creator instead of EasyBCD, not because EasyBCD is a legacy product, but just because Easy USB Creator is far easier and simpler to use :smile:

You ran into this issue with EasyBCD: EasyBCD and UEFI