trying to add windows xp into boot options in windows 7


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I used to be able to boot into windows xp but it dissapeared one day. I suspect its because I went into windows 7's advanced system settings and changed the startup time to 5 seconds. You see, my system is weird.

in windows xp Partition 1 shows up as C: and Partition 2 shows up as D:. But in windows 7, Partition 2 shows up as C: while Partition 1 shows up as D:. I suspect this confused windows 7 so when I changed the setting, it overwrote the previously working settings. I now can't boot into xp and the EASYBCD recovery doesnt work. I was wondering if there was any way to manually add an entry? thanks.
Hi god, welcome to NST.
Your situation isn't weird. An OS installed by booting from the installation CD/DVD will almost always see itself as C:, and dynamically assign letters to the other devices depending on the order in which it detects them. Your system is in fact normal, like probably 99% of dual-boots.
(Device letters aren't "real" - they're just registry entries in the running system. No two OSs will agree about the assignments except by coincidence or personal user intervention)
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
add/remove entries
delete any existing XP entry
add a new XP entry
let EasyBCD auto-configure when it offers.
Don't change the letter assignment it uses for XP. It knows what it's doing.
See the sticky thread for more detail
You can also use EasybCD->Change Settings->Timeout to adjust the timeout before it loads the default entry in the boot menu, to something higher than 5.