Trying To Boot Three Os With Bcd.


I have the followingDISK 0:HDD(C),112 GB-this has Windows VISTA and D:New Volume,68GB,both NTFS
DISK 1:New Volume G,95GB,NTFS-this has Windows XP and 90 GB UNALLOCATED.
DISK 2:New Volume I,93GB NTFS and then two partitions,88GB and 4 GB-LINUX UBUNTU.
I added the operating systems in this order:VISTA,XP AND LAST LINUX to the third hard drive.
Linux is now the first in line to boot when I start the PC,on a Linux screen.
I would like to achieve the following when I boot-VISTA (default and first in line),followed by XP and then Linux.
In BCD the following is shown on DRIVE 2:
Partition 0(HPFS/NTFS-94GB
Partition 1(Linux Native 89GB
Partition 2(Extended 4GB)
Partition 3(Linux Swap 4GB)
I would more than welcome your step by step advice-I can boot into all the systems now from the Linux screen but it seems the long way round.Regards,John:smile:
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Hi JohnB, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

1) EasyBCD | Bootloader Management | Reinstall Vista Bootloader
2) EasyBCD | Add/Remove Entries | Linux | "GRUB isn't installed to the bootsector" | Add Entry
3) EasyBCD | Add/Remove Entries | Windows XP | Add Entry (If it's not already there!)
4) Reboot and test.

If everything works out, boot into Linux, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and remove all non-Linux entries from there to make things cleaner.
Booting from three OS

Many thanks for the advice-all now working well.I am not sure where to carry out your instructions: Boot into LINUX then EDIT/BOOT/GRUB etc-do I do this in the Terminal?Thank you,John:tongueout:oint: