Trying to burn the Vista Recovery Disk


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Hi all. I am trying to burn the Vista recovery disk using the instructions given and I am receiving an error message. I have downloaded uTorrent and I have the Vista file downloaded; however I am not sure where to proceed after that. I have the ImgBurn downloaded as well but I am not able to locate the Iso file and I do not find it in the same format as is shown in the demo where a little disk is on the side. Instead there is a little uTorrent icon on the side. If anyone could please help me out that would be awesome! Thanks guys.


Maybe this will consolidate my questions better: do I need to convert iso file into something else before it gets burned? When I try to burn it I can error message saying that it is an incompatible format. Also, on the example screen here Burning ISO Images with ImgBurn - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki on the fifth image it shows the Vista Repair file with an image burn icon by it. Mine has a uTorrent icon by it. So do I need to change the file? I hope this makes more sense than my first post.
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What you've obtained from us is a .torrent file, which explains why it has utorrent icon. It is not the file you burn to disc, but instead a "link" if you well used by utorrent to download the actual iso file that you may than use imgburn to burn to disc.