Trying to burn Vista x64 Recovery Disk...


Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but the only thing worse would be a question unasked.

I have downloaded the .zip from the torrent, and am attempting to burn with ImgBurn. However, I see no .ISO in the unzipped folder. I have two folders (boot and sources) and one file (bootmgr), but the computer recognizes none of it as an .ISO file.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much. Hadn't thought about checking that file to see if it was the ISO or not. Simple fix, just thought I was going crazy there for a while. >.<
Similar problem here, I downloaded the torrent and burned it, first using PowerISO, than ImgBurn, both times said it was successfull, but when I take it out of my working computer and put it in the one I'm trying to repair, I get nothing. Either something went wrong, or I'm missing a step somewhere. All I get is a 'boot' folder with 'bcd', 'boot.sdi', and 'bootfix.bin'. None of them do anything. Then another folder called 'sources' with 'boot.wim'. And one last one called 'bootmgr'. I burned them all as ISO images on two good programs.. what happened?
You burn the entire download as one ISO file.
Don't process it in any way.
If you don't see it as an ISO it's probably because you don't have your folder options set like this, and some archiving software (like WinRAR) has been allowed to grab the ISO file association, making the dowmload looked like a zipped file. (It isn't)
If you've burned it correctly, you then need to boot it, not open it from a running OS.
If the BIOS is set correctly to boot from CD before HDD, and you have the CD in the tray as you power up, you should see "press any key to boot from CD"
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