Trying to dualboot Windows 7 and windows 8.1

Every time i add the drive letter for Windows 8.1 it wont boot into it not sure whats wrong. Need some help please i just keep getting a black screen saying if u know a system instailltion is on the drivve then please insert it to repair bla bla bla bla. U probably know this.

Thank u

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I Installed EasyBCD on Windows 8.1 and choose Windows 7 drive letter and it worked. Not sure why it wont work the other way around. please help thank u
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Earlier Windows cannot boot later Windows only vice versa.
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You can force W7 to boot W8 by copying W8's version of bootmgr onto W7, but the W7 version doesn't think W8's Winload is genuine so won't chain it.
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I always install EasyBCD on each OS when I multiboot .... that way if I can't boot to one (I have 3 sometimes 4 OS's) I have a fall back.


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Just rename W7's bootmgr then, and copy W8's version across so that it gets used instead.