Trying to fix Grub with EasyBCD and it isn't booting


I'm trying to fix an Ubuntu/Vista Dualboot with Easy BCD and when I added Ubuntu to the boot loader in the program it seemed like it was fine but then when I rebooted to test it it said it can't load from harddrive.
To give the whole story: yesterday I deleted the HP recovery tool in Vista because it seemed like it was taking up space and I never use Vista anyway so there didn't seem to be a need to recover. When I deleted it it got rid of Grub so it would load directly into Vista. So I used supergrub but my cd was screwy so it wouldn't load, then I found EasyBCD and used that to add Ubuntu to the list. When I installed Ubuntu I created the swap for partition 1 and Ubuntu in Partition 2, so Grub should be partition 2 if I used the default settings for Ubuntu correct?
I'm just a little new at all of this and I have a DRM ebook for class on Ubuntu that I really need to access as soon as possible.
If you used teh default settings then the GRUB loader would have been on the first partition of the first hard drive. Which looks like it was the recovery partition.

Try adding the Ubuntu Entry but check the box for GRUB is not laoded to the MBR.