Trying to get to single boot from Win7 from dual boot Vista(default), win7 & xp

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Some years ago I installed BCD so I could dual boot into XP from Vista. I subsequently installed win7 and modified bcd to boot into that as well. However, the vista bootloader is the one being used. I would like to get rid of the vista and xp installs and just use win7 and its bootloader going forward as I have not had reason to use either xp or vista in a long time. Not quite sure how to do that and I wonder if someone would be willing to give me a hand.

I tried to move the mbr from the vista drive to the win7 drive and now I cant boot into 7 and get an unsigned driver error. I tried to create new entries but that does not seem to help. Regardless of what I put as the drive letter for win7 and vista it still always defaults to vista and win 7 returns the error message in white on a black screen.

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Don't post your question twice. I already replied to you there. Posting here won't get you more answers or more attention.

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Undoing BCD
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