Trying to Install and Dual Boot Ubuntu 7.10 from tutorial

Well, their method is of no use to anyone using the Vista bootloader.

Our documentation (in need of a rewrite though) is at Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Basically: in Ubuntu setup, press the "advanced" button to install GRUB to the bootsector.

E.g.: (hd0,1) instead of the default (hd0)

In Vista, select the Ubuntu partition in EasyBCD's Linux section and press Add Entry.
ok just 1 question i am going to install 7.1 and have a quad boot but if i install ubuntu then wont it restart and take over the boot menu?

as in if i install ubuntu on a partition of a hdd which has vista and xp and then if i restart wont ubuntu take over the boot menu?
Yes the GRUB will take over. But that is only if you install GRUB and install it to the Boot Drive. If you dont install GRUB or dont install it to the Boot Drive GRUB wont take over.
Give me a couple of minutes - I'm uploading my own photo tutorial for Ubuntu 7.10 that should make it clear how to stop it from overwriting the bootloader with its own.
well it has already taken over as i did not un-check the install bootloader option during installation however i repaired my bootloader using vista's dvd and got my easybcd bootloader back now i went into vista and aded the entry under Linux and chose the drive it was in but now when i try to boot into ubuntu thru the easybcd bootloader option that i get i get a wierd error which i have forgotten if u want i will re-boot note it down and post it but it was a good 3-4 line error saying it did not find something :?:
Yes - it didn't find GRUB :smile:

GRUB *WAS* installed to the MBR, and now it's not (because your wrote the vista bootloader there instead).

Use the "GRUB isn't installed" option.