Trying to Make Vista Recovery Disc


Hi all,
I'm new here and I hope I'm posting in the right place.
My problem is I have an Acer Aspire 4520 Notebook with a Partition that has some Recovery data in there which I do not know how to access or copy so I can make a Recovery disc as outlined in Neosmart article.
I have downloaded Image burn but I cannot proceed to the next step of Writing Files/Folders to Disc. What Vista files do I copy to CD and where can I find them ?
I am running Windows Vista Basic 32 Bit.
Thak you.
To get to Acer's Recovery Partition you have to either hit Alt+F10 or Ctrl+F10 during the boot cycle. This will prompt you with the options on how you want to recover the system. Either back to the factory settings or to the last restore point created.

Unless Acer has a specific utility included that you can use to burn a recovery disk for yourself this is the method you must use. The article we have written was made back when there was an option from the manufacturers to burn your own disk using their utilities. They have since changed it to this recovery partition setup.
Hi Mark 2.0,
Thanks for the reply. Alt + F10 on Boot up gives me the following screen :
Edit Boot Options
Edit Windows boot options for : Microsft Windows Vista
Path : \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Partition : 2
Hard Disk : C1ba5f33

At the Bottom of the page : ENTER = Submit ESC=Cancel

What can I do next ?
Hi Terry60,
D2D is enabled in the BIOS.
What command do I type in the square brackets [ ] to start the program ?