trying to rule out problem not Easy BCD 1.72

I just want to verify that my problems are probably elsewhere and not with Easy BCD which
I love.

I have Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit installed on a new SATA drive and Windows XP on my
old IDE drive. I have BIOS setup to recognize the XP drive 1st. Windows 7 is setup as my
default drive in EASY BCD.

My system was booting without a problem to either drive. I added memory from 3 to 4GB.
No problems for maybe a month. Now, if I try to boot to Win 7, it hangs up and freezes
during boot. However, sometimes it will work like it's suppose to do and boot fine.
I believe I have tried removing new ram and reinstalling old ram the way it was before
but that was not successful.

I guess my question is whether anybody has had problems booting with 1 SATA and 1 IDE

What does it do when it doesn't boot correctly (how far is it getting/what error messages are you getting)?
No problem with mixing IDE and SATA (except for disk numbering confusion in Vista and W7 DM, or if your XP is pre-SP2)
I was quad booting with that config for some time before going all SATA and pensioning-off the IDE drive to a DVR.
When it doesn't boot correctly, Win 7 stops after the Windows logo swirls around and stops in place. In safe mode, it stops after agp440.sys (I think).

Running XPSP3 Home and 7 home (both 32bit). I'm at work now and if I remember correctly, when booted to 7 I can see my D drive (xp) and when booted from xp D drive listed but unreadable. I remember reading that was normal. 7 is NTFS and XP is FAT32. BCD shows whichever system is booted as C drive and the other as D drive (also normal).
I'm assuming my problem is ram or driver related. I'm thinking about getting one of the driver update
services but have not made up my mind as to which one.



sorry no error message. it freezes at the logo.

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Have you recently accepted a new graphics driver update from WUD ?
If so, try rolling back the driver to the previous version.
(I've stopped accepting graphics updates through WUD. If I need one for any specific reason, I'll go directly to the OEM site. Too many previous broken systems through that route.)
Thanks for your help. I have made the following assumption. I'm running an old Intel D875PBZ motherboard with older some older cards attached. I figure I'm gonna have to live with what I
got until I can afford to buy a new mb, ram, etc....
But again thanks for your help.