Trying to uninstall Vista and Install XP.


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Hi I'm new here and i need some help from you guys.

The thing, when i first bought this PC, it has Vista installed (Home Premium 32-bit).
The first thing what i did, I uninstalled Vista and tried to Install XP, Got a Disk read error
when the install wanted to reboot (It didn't continue).

After that, I tried to Install Vista, Everything went so fast ( menu after menu (later it went slower but why?)) but when the Vista tried to continue it stucked like XP, so I tried for hours until I temporarly fixed it( made 2 Partitions One smaller(40gb) Another one bigger( ~320 GB) Then it worked). And now, I would like to install XP again, Too many troubles with Vista, Sometimes it doesn't start, Startup/restore doesn't work etc. and i don't want to

EDIT: And I lost my Windows XP CD, I have a geniue key (old pc which doesn't work...), Is it legal to write it on a CD?
And I'm out of CDs, Does the Windows XP boot from a DVD?
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Hi handl3r, welcome to NST.
Sorry there are several things I don't understand in your post.
You uninstalled Vista ? How, - did you format the Vista partition ?
You tried to Install XP, but you don't have a CD ?
Then you tried to install Vista ? Factory restore from the recovery partition or Install from DVD ?

I don't think you can recreate an installation CD from your old XP system, though you could clone it to the new partition.