Tweak UI x64 for Vista!?


I've been waiting for Microsoft to release Tweak UI for Windows Vista for years. Now I think they won't. On Windows Vista x86, I could run original Microsoft Tweak UI under Windows XP compatibility option.

Now, since I'm using x64 version of Windows Vista, I can't use that. I've search all over Google for a x64 Tweak UI but all I've found was TweakVI and TweakVista, all of them are not free (they have a 'freeware' version that consistantly compel users to buy a paid version) and are bloated with unnecessary features that were not found in the original Microsoft Tweak UI.

NeoSmart Tweak UI for Windwos x64 is a perfect alternative. It provides the exact same things the original Microsoft TweakUI provided. But it doesn't run on Windows Vista. Since Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP x64 are not completely different OS's, I think it would take less time to make it work on Windows Vista x64 rather than writing a completely new software like TweakVI or TweakVista did.

I tried to run it on the compatilbility mode, but it was disabled for unknown reason. I've searched this forum, and found that it is said that Microsoft had blocked it. I don't know why? Anyways, it there any plans for making TweakUI for Windows x64 run on Windows Vista x64 in the near future?
No, that's not what I want.

I'd tried TweakVI already, and it was disappointing. It's filled with motley functionalities, and doesn't have what (which DOES exist in the Tweak UI) I need.

NeoSmart has no plans to upgrade the existing Tweak UI for Windows x64 into Vista supporting version?
NeoSmart doesnt develop these tools. These were developed by people at Microsoft. I know that Guru has taken some of the tolls and got them working on 64 Bit but i dont think he has any plans to update them to work on Vista.

He already has enough work getting EasyBCD 2, HnS and many other things programmed.

Your only hope would be to contact the developer and see if they have done the coversion.
Hiya TypingCat, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm afraid Mak is right, at the moment I have no plans for developing a Vista-compatible version of TweakUI (x86 or x64).

Everything TweakUI does can be done by hand - just google for the particular tweak and you'll probably find the registry keys or files you need to make it happen on Vista.