TweakUI 64-Bit Edition Doesn't Work


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Myself and a half dozen other Windows xp64 users tried the latest tweakUI x64 2.2 and it doesn't work. Won't even install, given the following error:

"Internal Error 2715. tweakui64.exe"
Hiya Ping, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!!

Unless I'm very mistaken, this is the error that occurs when you *finish* setup and select to run the installed EXE.

It's a known error, please just launch TweakUI x64 from the start menu...

Hope this helps, and if you need anything else or it doesn't work, please post back and we'll see what we can do!

Now how do we get it in the control panel, like "the good old days"? The link, as installed, summons the "Open With" dialog (at least in my case, but YMMV).


Just had to see if this would get rid of the "1-Post Wonder" appellation.
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