TweakVI "Visual Tweak" Problem...HELP


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Hello Board !
I was tweaking my Vista window screen using TweakVI "visual tweak" and carelessly did not set the restore point and now the window screen, the text in the address bar, search box, Wordpad and the dropdown menu are cloudy and dim. I have tried to brighten them by simultaneously pressing the fn+f8 keys and enable the Cleartype option but to no avail. Can anyone help me how to reset those forementioned problems back to default just to ease the strain on my eyes?

Thanks in Advance.
Hi VistaNewbie, welcome to NST.

TweakVI isn't produced by NST, rather it's made by our friends at TotalIdea Software... and they're in the best position to help you out here.

However, we'll be more than happy to give this a shot :smile:

Is there an earlier restore point (perhaps from the day before or so) that you can safely restore to? That would be the best option.