Two bootable disks for the same OS installation?


(1) I have two disks and each has two partitions: C,D and G,H, hence 4 partitions. I used the Acronics for a full backup of the OS (Vista 32bit) in the C: partition and restored it to the H: partition.
(2) I used the EasyBCD to add a new entry from the H: partition hoping to boot the same OS Installation in two differnet partitions.

Now, I get an error from the Windows Boot Manager, when I sellect the H: to boot from, as follows:
"\Windows\System32\winload.exe can not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupted."

What is the problem here?

Thank you in advance.
Please post a Disk Management screenshot and copy/paste the text from EasyBCD "view settings".
You'll find details, if you need them, in the sticky thread
Attached the screenshots

Hello, Terry.
Here, I have attached two jpg images as you have requested. As I asked in the first thread, I had two partitions (C: and H: from the two hard disks for the same Vista OS installation. (I made H: copied from C:.)

** Curisously enough, I do not see my original hard disk (with partitions C: and D: in my Disk Management screenshot. I am not sure why it shows like that, but I have two disks running.

Thank you.

The fact that you can't see all your HDDs might be related.
Did you clone the entire HDD or individual partitions ?
The Disk Management does now show all the HDD; it only shows the second hard disk with the partitions G: and H:. However, my current bootable partition is _not_ shown but I am able to boot the Vista 32 from the unshown C: partition. The H: partition contains the duplicate Vista. I backed up the C: (the whole image) and restored it into H: partition using the Acronics True Image application.
Thank you.
Disk Management "system" flag indicates the position of your boot files (including the BCD).
"active" indicates the partition the MBR will search for the boot sector, and which EasyBCD will search for the BCD.
If we can't see those flags, it's impossible to advise what might be going wrong.
I don't use Acronis, so can't say what it might have done, but I can only think that somehow your system has identical UIDs for the HDDs and that's causing DM to fail to see one of them. (though I didn't think that was possible with a Unique ID)
Can you put the "view settings" information up again in detailed (debug) mode. (No need for an attached screenshot, just copy/paste the text)