Two different entries boot the same OS


I have PC-BSD Hubble on primary disk 3 and PC-BSD Isotpoe on primary disk4. The same OS, Hubble boots for either entry I choose.

I did have Mepis in place of Hubble on disk 3 at first which is Linux not PC-BSD and everything worked fine. I wasn't using the Mepis and decided to overwrite that installation with Hubble instead. I deleted the Mepis entry after installation and added the Hubble entry in it's place. Now the two PC-BSD entries boot Hubble, I cannot get into isotope. I did make double sure when I created the entry to choose the right partition for each one. I notice both entries have the same BCD ID.

Please help me fix this, thank you.
Guru has been working with the guys from PCBSD cause they dont use a standard boot loader. We have had multiple issues with them in the past and even recently they have only support for the stable release not the Beta release.

So right now we can only support getting Hubble booted, which is not the issue at this time. Your issue is for the Beta release which is not supported. You will have to go over to the PC-BSD site and see if they can help you get it working. We can only support the Stable Version till they finalize what boot loader they are going to use.

How about this. Telling EasyBCD to only run Isotope as if Hubble is not installed? I know Isotope will load every time as long as there is not a conflict with Hubble. I have tried just deleting the Hubble entry and setting up a fresh entry for isotope but it seems as long as Hubble is installed, somehow, EasyBCD points Windows loader to Hubble - it looks for the boot loader in the wrong partition. Is there a way to manually change that? If I could make it point to Isotopes partition, without a Hubble entry, I assume that should work. If I really needed to start Hubble, i could again add the entry, and on needing Isotope again, make the manual change again.. this would be easier than uninstalling and reinstalling Hubble you see.. just trying to help you find a way around my problem for a temp solution. - Possible?
EasyBCD is just the graphical representation of the Windows Bootloader. The new Windows bootloader is the BCD for Vista and on. But to actually modify or edit an entry is painful to say the least. Guru created EasyBCD to be just that, easy.

So yes EasyBCD will point the Windows loader to Hubble, that is what it is made to do.

There isnt going to be anyway that Guru will go for the trickery as it would confuse other users. Cant make changes to satisfy 1 user while making other suffer.

Basically there isnt going to be a way to force the BCD or the Windows Bootloader to do what you want. You will have to use the PC-BSD loader and modify that to boot the 3 OS's. At least until the Devs of PC-BSD and Guru can come up with a way to fully support the system.
I see. Er.. can't blame a guy for asking. I can uninstall Hubble for now because using Isotope is more important. Official Release of Isotope is about a month away so I hope Guru gets it fixed in that time.

Thanks for the info.
We shall see. I know that it has been an ongoing process. For a long time PC-BSD wasnt even supported. It wasnt until I recently installed PC-BSD 8.1 that we figured out that it was compatible. The old bootloader they were using was just not compatible and there was no documentation available to get it working properly.

PAge 2 of that topic shows the ongoing conversations between Guru and Dru from PC-BSD.

That topic shows when we finally found out that PC-BSD was supported using EasyBCD. So there is hope, just dont know if Guru will have it ready. He works full time and tries to get EasyBCD done when he has time. So if he can get it ready in time for the release of Isotope is anyones guess right now.