Two Drives, One EasyBCD!


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Hello CG,

im trying to get the following set up to work using easybcd, i was hoping you could give a little guidance.
SATA drives
drive (0) 160GB w/XP Pro x32
drive (1) 250GB w/XP Pro x64, Vista build 5600 x64
both drives are bootable, (two MBRs) i have set drive(0) as default in BIOS (my wife uses that drive and doesnt want to see any more options than she needs--keeps us both happier :grinning: ) so what im trying to do is use easyBCD inside vista (drive(1)) to create an entry for drive(0) and boot XP. i keep get an error -- ....missing ntoskrnl.exe --- i know its not missing because the drive is bootable.

i read this from another post here:

"The second drive isn't supposed to have an MBR.
But this is good news:

*if* now when you have both drives enable and drive C: is set as first boot Vista loads immediately, you're on the right track.

Now, from Vista, add a Windows XP Entry (Legacy) with C: as the drive letter (not C:\!)
It *should* work.
Don't change any of the config, it's all perfect now!"

so what i understand from that is that my drive(1) should be default in BIOS and from there use Vista to choose ALL OS's, right?

i have not seen or been able to fing in easyBCD how to make my XP enrty (drive(0)) legacy. i noticed that the entry for XPx64 was set as such but thats about it.
also i cant make a manual entry in BCD with BCDEDIT.exe even if i select run as admin. my account is admin and i made a new account also as admin just in case. but still tells me i dont have permission. cant see how to change that either.

thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.