Two Windows 7 and Windows XP, will this work?



Here's my current situation, I installed windows 7 (On hard drive #1) first and XP (hard drive #2) second. I used EasyBCD to successfully dual boot these.

I'm buying an SSD and plan to make it my primary boot drive. I want to plug it in, install windows 7 on it and triple boot the new windows 7, the old 7 and XP. I'll then backup the important files on the old windows 7 and eventually get rid of it.

Can this be done? When I install the new windows 7 (on the ssd), will it detect the two older ones and modify it's boot loader accordingly? Do I need to reset the BCD (in the old windows 7 before installing the new one) via EasyBCD before I proceed?

Will "getting rid of the old windows 7" be as easy as deleting it's entry from the BCD (I'd do this from the ssd) and formatting the drive?

Thank you for your help, I'm not sure how to proceed.
If you install W7 on the SSD with the other HDD temporarily disconnected, it will create a new BCD on the SSD and you can use easyBCD later to add entries for your two old OSs.
If you let the new W7 auto-triple boot by leaving the old HDD in place, it will use the existing BCD on the HDD, giving you a slower boot-up and meaning you can't just delete the old W7 before you've moved the boot files.
Ah, thanks a lot for clearing it up for me! That's what I'll do. I didn't know that doing it "my way" could slow boot time and use the HDD's BCD...