two wrongs DO make a right


I want to bring up the very sensitiv topic of global domiation.

is it fair to fight evil with violence.
one of the examples was the Anonymous VS the COS,

is it right to do this , personally i believe freedom is calculated in blood, therefore the more ppl die , the more we must fight for them.

wat do u guys rekon
Yes two wrongs can make a right, I know this from experience in both my personal an military past.
It's very hard to determine what is the right action to do about such thing's especially in the whole COS vs Anon battle but it's been mostly mud slinging mostly but it wont be that long till it gets out of hand.
but this then raises the question , what is a Fair Wrong, i persobnally believe it must be equal .
AN EYE FOR AN EYE , A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH (The Great King Hammurabi) i believe that reasons; wrong doings, if someone kills some lese, they must be killed , provided they have sufficent evidence.
OK a little bit of history, a few hours before the Official invasion of iraq i was hunting down SAM batteries there was one on the outskirts of a small village well defended I was faced with two possible choices take it on with my small unit an possibly take heavy casualties or call it it's position for a strike run that could possibly hit a house where people where living (large 5000lb dumb bomb - had to make sure this SAM was out of commission an our laser designators for smart weapons was lost during the drop). I personally didn't want to risk possibly friendly natives so me an my patrol ditched burgens an took the target out with no losses or major injury. So that to me was a wrong that wouldn't have made up for a right.

Side note - I still get a warm fuzzy feeling when i picture that SAM getting put out of action, we captured a old 2X2 AA flack cannon mounted on a flat bed an took it out with a sustained burst of 35mm AA shells.
it depends what your concept of wrong is but if you were to say that killing killers just make sure you don't become one that's why there are jails but some people do deserve to be repaid in kind