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is it possible to have it download only when the internet is idle as in when im not using it??? because when it downloads the page takes so long to load that i get an error screen so i can't really use the internet and if i pause it i sometimes forget to turn it on after i finish and the downloads will never finish
The only way to have it download when the internet is idle is to start the application when you are done with the internet.
Actually, if you configure your router to do QoS prioritization you can have it download only when idle - or by lowering the speed limit in uTorrent.
and how do i do that???
plus i have a cable decoder running through the internet at all times
would that affect it anything
you can limit your download limit from within Utorrent.
Just go to Tools/Options >> Preferences and then click on Downloads.
Then under the Download and Upload limit, just enter the speed you want to limit the download to. Hopefully, it should work.
Another thing you can do is to select all the downloads and pause them, when you are using the internet, that way it is not downloading then.
When you are done, just click on the Green arrow key again and it will start downloading again.
oh cause i thought it might have cause my download finished after the power shutoff but i hadnt logged in yet

the reason im asking is because i often forget to resume the download and i lose precious download time when the computer is idle
If the computer is off nothing runs. Last time i checked. I never knew a progrma to run when you weren't logged in and the PC had no power...
IF utorrent has a switch you can use from the command line to resume downloads, you could always set up a job to automatically execute a batch file containing it after the computer has been idle for so many minutes.