Ububtu 9.04 and triple booting


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I hope I have put this in the right place, If not please forgive.

My system has Ubuntu 8.10 on a sata drive.
Windows Vista business on another Sata drive and Windows XP PRO on
another partition on the same drive.

Question: how will upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 with EXT4 effect the triple
booting and Grub?
Think I have Easybcd 1.71. Afraid to upgrade to a beta Easybcd.
Thanks for any help.
Hi phenix,

I'm not sure if NeoGrub supports ext4 yet. Are you trying to upgrade or reformat/install 9.04? For now I would play it safe and do an upgrade from 8.10 rather than a clean install of 9.04 or install 9.04 on a ext2 or ext3 volume if setup allows for it.
Hi Kairozamorro,
Thanks for replying.
I guess I just want to upgrade.
I'm particularly concerned about the profiles in Thunderbird and Firefox.
And leaving Grub alone as it's now working fine in the triple booting
scenario. I probably can live without ext4 until it's more reliable.

I have never upgraded Ubuntu and ASSUME it will only change the Kernal.
I hope this is a correct assumption.
Shouldn't have any issues. Upgrading the system should be as simple as checking for updates and choosing to install 9.04, where setup should guide you through the proccess. A startup repair with a Vista disc/our recovery disc should be all that is needed if you have Vista's bootloader in charge.
Thanks for responding Kairozamorro,
I think the Vista bootloader is in charge.
What Vista disk are you talking about?
What is "our recovery disk"?
Why would I need either of these?
Justin is talking about the scenario of Grub replacing the Vista bootloader in the MBR. If that happens, you will need to run Startup Repair (possibly 2-3 times) to put Vista's boot back in charge. The "Vista disk" is the Vista reinstallation DVD (if you have one). "Our recovery disk" is basically a slimmed-down version of the Vista dvd, and only has the Startup Repair and System Restore features. It can be found at this link. Instructions on how to use it can be found here.
Thank you CoolName007 for responding and explaining those items in Kairozamorros
message. I will be able to follow your explanation.

However I am a tad confused. Thought "Easybcd" was all I would need to restore
the MBR. I'm missing something somewhere.
However I am a tad confused. Thought "Easybcd" was all I would need to restore
the MBR.
I'm missing something somewhere.
Yes, if you can still access Vista after the Grub mbr is installed, then it shouldn't be a problem using EasyBCD's "Reinstall the Vista bootloader" feature in the Manage Bootloader section, by clicking the Write MBR button with it selected. But it would still be a good idea to have our recovery disk at hand just in case...:wink:


Thank you much for taking the time to explain CoolName007.
Doesn't hurt any to have a 2nd line of defense.
Will follow your suggestions.
Just wanted to give an update on my upgrade of Ubuntu from 8.10 to 9.04.

The triple booting is working fine.
I guess I am running with ext3 as the upgrade did not ask or show anything
about ext3 or ext4.

There was one glitch which I have reported on the Linex portion of Wilders.

The tracker threw up a window stating that the tracker index was corrupted.
I hit all the buttons but none of them worked that I could see.
Thanks Guys for all your help.