Ubuntu 10.04 Support


Hi, I just recently had a dual boot using your great tool, EasyBCD. I was dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10. Now I would like to install 10.04 and I don't know if it is supported. I used the 2.0 beta for 9.10 (Because of GRUB2) and it worked perfectly. If Ubuntu 10.04 is compatable, do I just use the same instructions as I did with 9.10 to let EasyBCD boot into Linux?
It should work fine with the latest version of EasyBCD, but I don't know...
Some other people have reported problems with it, though those cases may be just due to a mis-configured grub.cfg. I say try it, and let us know how well (or not so well) it works.
I would suggest though using the upgrade option in Ubuntu 9.10 to upgrade to 10.04, rather than doing another install from the LiveCD. Its cleaner, and a much preferred method.