Ubuntu 10.04 switch to windows?

I wanted to switch ubuntu 10.04 to windows. I use to have windows but not anymore i lost my recovery disc. Ubuntu sucks! you really cant run anything with linux and stuff like that which makes me so confused. I just want to run itunes, sketch up, and other apps but it wont work.
When i installed wine to get itunes it says programs>notepad. i downloaded itunes with wine. Then i went to my downloads on my computer found itunes open'd it with wine and pops up

The file '/home/jonathan/Desktop/Music/Music/Downloads/iTunesSetup.exe' is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run. For more details, read about the executable bit.

Gives me a link and stuff bout ternimal which i have nooo clue how to use. My friend hacked our schools laptops with the ternimal but he says he doesnt understand it either... Can someone help me? Im just looking for a way to manage my music on my ipod. there is other software out there to do that but i just dont trust it. My ipod is loaded with about 12,238 songs and i want to remove some. Im looking for a itunes installation on ubuntu 10.04 or a way to install windows on my computer.
right click the file you want to run -->properties and look for permission. Check the box to let it be run. This is a feature to let ubuntu protect itself from unauthorised .exe and other files from running(malware)
Okay you need to clarify what you want. If you want support for Ubuntu, head to their forums and their site. They can give you all the information you want. If you are looking to reinstall Windows we can assist you, but you will have to make a decision. We are not going to try and figure out what you want. You decide and let us know.
That doesnt help us nor does it help you. Tell us what you want. Until you can clearly tell us what you want we can not be of assistance. Just telling us your thinking of switching means nothing. Either you do it or you dont. There is no middle ground here.