ubuntu 10.10 dual boot wont load


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I have Ubuntu 10.10 and Vista Ultimate.

Have EasyBSD2.2

Can boot Vista with no problem but when I select Ubuntu it tries to access it on (hd0,0): EXT2:

the actual Ubuntu partition is (hd0,1). How do I change this?

thank you for any help.
i have 2.1 EasyBCD working with
Ubuntu 10.10 installed on SATA 200gb in partition 1, and 3/4 for swap. and in the middle i have Win7.
Ubuntu was running
i used gparted to shrink partition 1 to 80gb , then using Gparted i formattted the empty partition2 as NTFS
partition ( using ubunt0 boot CD , demo mode)
Then installed W7 to partition 2, ( needed sata chip driver missing in w7 SI3112) and w7 found this partition, and loaded. ok. but overwrote MBR (gill bates still hates Linux) no surprise there.
then tried 2.1 beta. wow !
used Grub2
and now i get the Grub 2 menu (chained from easybcd w7) and all is great.
I think you have a great product !!!
Hiya jtgh :smile:

Thanks a bunch for your kind words. Glad we were able to help you out of a bind!