Ubuntu 12.10 Available since seconds ago! :)


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I hate Unity :frowning:
It seems all OSes are pushing towards non-productive interfaces. Windows 8 w/ Metro, Ubuntu w/ Unity, and OS X w/ Launchpad (which is thankfully NOT front and center).


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I didn't like Unity either, but after using OS X for almost a year if I was using Ubuntu I don't think I'd mind. The dock in OS X looks similar. I definitely don't see the point in Launchpad, just use Spotlight. And Windows 8, yeah I wouldn't consider it a machine for serious GTD.


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Yeah, they are all moving that way, and that's because everyone just has to follow Steve Jobs, everyone laughed at the first iPad, and after that... it became the most influential device in industry. Now everything has to basically look like the iPad, Windows 8, too. Damn. Everyone wants to be in the post-pc era, just because Steve Jobs said "That's how its going to be." I wonder who is going to be the next "BOOM PERSON" in the computer industry. Maybe that person isn't born yet, or maybe its just learning how to walk and talk and plays his/her (lets face it, its probably going to be "he") first game on the smartphone (cause smartphones are the new baby toys, of course, it is another thing they can be).

The thing is... Steve Jobs wasn't a brilliant hardware engineer, there is some other trick to it. Was it a dedication? Sure, but also the will to change the world. That is a must-have component for the next Steve Jobs to come.

Anyone remembers when Bill Gates introduced first tablet PC back in 2002?

By 2020 most people will be using tablet computers, I mean, now already, my laptop is to heavy for me to carry it around, most stuff on the go does my Android phone so... No need, really.

Have you guys heard of Ubuntu for Android?


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That is very cool. At one point, that was MS' vision (under BG, I think) - one device that simply transmutates into whatever you need it to be via docking, the ultimate holy grail being wireless docking.

John Carmack wants to do that to make the iPhone into a gaming console. Supposedly the 4S was already more powerful than the XBox 360 in some ways. He's really pushing that idea (which is a little weird, considering he does not work for Apple).