Ubuntu 7.10 boots directly into grub

I'm attempting to dual boot my Thinkpad T61 and ran into this problem. I have the following SATA drive setup:

sda1 = hidden IBM recovery partition
sda2 = Vista Ultimate
sda3 = swap
sda4 = Ubuntu 7.10

Not wanting to overwrite the Vista MBR, I installed grub to hda0,3; which should be my Ubuntu partition. I booted back into Vista and installed EasyBCD, added the Ubuntu partition to the boot loader and can successfully see both boot options when my Thinkpad reboots.

Here is my problem, when I select Ubuntu 7.10 to boot, I am immediately taken to a grub> command, never booting into Ubuntu completely. Anybody know how to fix grub so that I boot directly into Ubuntu?

(note, when installing 7.10, grub installation failed so I manually installed grub to hda0,3 using the method described here Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki )
I followed the wiki exactly: shrank my Vista partition, booted live cd; created 1gb swap and 25gb reiserfs partitions; changed the location of grub to hda0,3 and when it installed grub it threw and error; I think installed grub manually via the link above; then booted Vista and installed easybcd, then updated my Vista bootloader and now when I boot into Ubuntu it dumps me right into grub.
Which Wiki did you follow? Cause no where in our Wiki does it say anything about using Swap. Yes we advise to use the reiserfs but we do not say to use swap. :wink:

Now the Ubuntu specific wiki toward the bottom it gives very specific directions on how to setup EasyBCD. The instructions on the Ubuntu page give you the direction on how to set it up as if there was no GRUB isntalled. :grinning:

So please read thru the Ubuntu speciifc wiki that i linked to in the last post. At the bootom after it shows what to do to get Ubuntu install you will see the step by step instruction on how to get EasyBCD to work with it.
Trackzilla, the portion about installing GRUB to hda3 instead of the MBR is part of the generic steps for installing Linux.

These steps do not work for Ubuntu - we think there's a bug in the Ubuntu installer somewhere. Any way, the steps Mak pointed out earlier (Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki) and should be what you need.