Ubuntu, 7, XP boot problems


Hey guys, need a lil' help here. This is my first post here so don't harrass me if I seem noobish.

Here's my setup
HD 1 :
Partition 1 : XP
Partition 2 : Windows 7

HD 2 :
All Ubuntu 9.10

Now, Ubuntu installs Grub, which is what I wanted.

GRUB boots into Ubuntu just fine
If you choose "Windows" from the GRUB, it brings up the Windows boot manager, where I can choose Windows 7 or "Older Operating System"
I can run Windows 7 just fine.

However, when I try to run XP, it doesn't give me any error messages, or blue screen, but as soon as I hit enter on the Older Operation System option, my computer just reboots.

I tried reinstalling Win 7 to get the normal boot back, instead of GRUB, but same problem.

Now, I can't find my Windows XP Recovery disc.
I'm thinking something may have happened to my boot sector or whatever it's called (Im good with computers, but compared to many others I'm nothing)

Is there any thing I can do to repair it, will "EasyBCD" possibly fix the problem?
And if you think that EasyBCD will fix it, care to give me a quick set of steps (No pictures needed or anything)? Hope it's not too much to ask, thanks in advance.
From Windows 7, using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, delete the "previous windows" entry from the BCD, add a new entry using the Windows tab and the XP dropdown. Let Easy2 auto-configure the XP entry for you when it offers. Don't change the drive it specifies.
Well, I fumbled around with it and did what you said and it worked - sort of.
I have my Windows 7 disk.
I put it in, it says press any button to boot disk. I dont press anything
Boot manager comes up and I can boot to Xp or 7 fine
But if I don't have that disk in it says "Missing Operatin System".
I think that the actual OS's are fine since I can boot them if I put in that CD, but maybe a setting is wrong.
Any more help, and thanks for the help so far!
Is this before or after you select Windows from Grub ?
(which boot manager do you want to be in control, grub or bootmgr ?)
Currently there is NO Grub, just windows boot mgr
I am fine with that honestly but being able to run Linux would be nice

PS sorry for any bad spelling, I am typing this on my iPod
If you previously had grub installed to the MBR, then you repaired the W7 boot, you'll need to reinstall grub to the Linux bootsector (not the MBR).
Then you can add a Linux entry to the BCD.
If you still can't boot without your DVD in the tray, check the HDD sequence in the BIOS and make sure that the partition marked "system" in W7 Disk Management is 1st HDD in the list.

(did you "startup repair" W7 three times - It needs to fix several things, one at a time)