hello to all im running in to a small snag with my ubuntu 8.10/vista duall boot setup it which wouldnt hav been possible without this site so thank you all for support and awsome wiki.
down to the piont i only have 1mb/sec bandwidth in ubuntu 8.10 but like 10-r 20mb/s in vista i would like to change settings to allow as fast as possible in ubuntu i am currently running a amd athlon dual core 64 bit version of desktop ubuntu 8.10 as well as atheros wireless network card,
i would be really grateful for any help involving this issue and resolving hopefully.

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Wireless card.... are you using drivers for Linux or ndiswrapper to run the Windows ones? Might be a newer driver out to improve performance there. Are there any bandwidth hogging apps you're running that could cause the slower speeds?
i have atheros built in wireless n/and im using default driver thatcame with vista and downloads are fine no probs in vista /the driver for linux is restriced if thats of any relevance or help, surfing in linux is fine but downloading is slow which is a bummer considering the speed of linux??? i pay for extermly highspeed internet connection and of course would like to utize it with linux aswell, which is set to 1mb/s i get more 10mb/s in vista i would like to change bandwidth i tryed this but wont work.\

sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 54m (or 10m but niether work)
havent got this far yet

pre-up iwconfig wlan0 rate 54m

/etc/network/interfaces restart

apparently this will work in ubuntu 8.04

ps i know i posted this in wrong area srry bout that.



The firewall config is pretty tight it don't allow programs or apps through only web browser. also lookin to close all prots but 2 or three that i will use but thats anthoer day.
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oh awsome oll give a try brb



thanks but this didnt work mabey im doing it wrong could you proved more details if knowledgeable in this area im new to ubuntu 8.10 however it dont look much diff than programming in c++. thanks again i would love to see link speed goto 10mb/s or greater.

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