Ubuntu 9.1 + Win 7 RC7600 ...howto


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Hi there

I'm new to LInux and I've read the FAQs and most of the posts relate ( no surprise) to problems...I was looking for an idiot proof tutorial so I do not have to post a problem !

I had a dual boot PC running Vista & Ubuntu 9.1. on same HD different partitions.

Upgraded RAM to 8GB and replaced Vista with Win 7 64 bit.
Clean Instal in C:\
Lost GRUB and thus Ubuntu 9.1
Was going to trash Ubuntu 9.1 and reinstall in WMWare Player but saw easyBCD.

Dowloaded EasyBCD 2.0.76 beta to ' recover ' Unbuntu access at boot time.

Was looking everywhere for the idiots guide or tutorial ' How to configure easyBCD with Win 7 64 bit installed after Ubuntu 9.1 ?' You Tube...here..Internet...nothing.

I was not going to assume what worked with XP\Vista & 1.7.2 would work with Win7 & Ubuntu 9.1. unless explicitly stated.

Are there any posts\tutorials on ' howto ' ?


Hi Muppet.
All you got to do is get EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, run it, go to Add/Remove Entries->Ubuntu tab, select the Grub2 option in the Type drop-down menu, give the entry a name (if you don't like the default), and click Add Entry.

You should now have a dual-boot again. :smile: