Ubuntu after Windows 7 etc

Andy Dunn

A PC with Windows XP, Vista and 7, each on their own disk partitions (the Windows 7 Boot directory is on the XP partition, 7 was installed last of all). According to the EasyBCD 1.7.2 instructions, I need to install Ubuntu with the bootloader on its own partition (rather than to the root partition of the disk). I did this, but when I start Ubuntu with EasyBCD, it just goes to Grub and there is no /boot/grub/menu.lst file. There is no /boot/grub/stage1 either.

I re-installed Grub, as suggested by Ubuntu (removes grub-pc and replaces it with grub apparently). However, there was still only one file (maybe it was a directory) in the grub directory. I have removed the partition now, because I got fed up with it.

It's supposed to be easy isn't it? So what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any advice, Andy
Thanks. Using EasyBCD 2 just gives different errors, namely about menu.lst and grub.conf not being found. There is obviously some isuue when installing Ubuntu 9.1 with the bootloader on the root partition and not on the MBR.

Hi Andy.
You said you deleted the Ubuntu partition...
I'm assuming you reinstalled Ubuntu, before using Easy 2.0?

If not, then yeah, it wont work... :wink:
Other than that, make sure to add the Ubuntu entry in EasybCD using the "Grub2" option in the Type menu.
Well yes, I did re-install Ubuntu 9.1. OK it does work with GRUB 2 so thanks.

The reason I didn't use GRUB 2 was that, when selected, the Device drop down menu greyed out and so I assumed it didn't work.

Thanks again, Andy
Yes, that's because the Grub2 option is too advanced to specify manually the partition Ubuntu is on. It can find it automatically at boot-time.