Ubuntu and EasyBCD 2


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The latest beta works well with Windows 7 and loading Windows XP which are on different hard drives. So far I've been unable to get Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 to work. I've tried as a partition on the same drive and more recently on a completely drive and can't get it to load Ubuntu. Thinking of deleting 9.10 and installing 9.04 which I believe has the option of the legacy grub. Any similar experiences out there?
Hi Hops.
Did you try using the Grub2 option when adding the Ubuntu entry with the latest beta?
If that didn't work, you might want to give more details of how it failed (i.e. what error message when you try to boot it).
when installing unbuntu right after the partition step select advanced and install grub2 bootloader to the unbuntu partition ( on my system this was /dev/sda5 ) not the mbr

if you installed it to the mbr boot then from live cd and set root password under admin->users
then do a terminal
do an su
enter root password

then run grub-install /dev/sda5 or grub-install sda5 i forget which one the othr will give you an error

then boot back into windows
run easybcd
select grub2 and the partition under linux
this should work
I finally gave up and did exactly what you are contemplating. With 9.04, EASYBCD grub works fine.

I am considering doing the upgrade from within Ubuntu to go to 9.10. If you try that, let everyone know how it works out.
Upgrading to 9.10 is 100% safe: it'll keep the GRUB 1.0 bootloader. GRUB2 is only used with a clean installation of Ubuntu Karmic Koala.