ubuntu and vista problems...


ok well i had both of them on grub for a while then decided to try out easy bcd so after difficulties that i finally worked out (yes easy bcd did cause the difficulties :wink:) but I'm not one to give up easily so....
anyways now with grub basically deleted and easy bcd only recognizing windows what should i do to get ubuntu on there as well using easy bcd. Also if I need to get into Ubuntu to do this please tell me how to get into ubuntu :tongueout: because I'm not sure how to with grub deleted :wink:
thanks :smile:

(vista home edition 32bit)
(ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron 64bit)
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Try adding a Linux entry in EasyBCD, but make sure to check the "GRUB isn't installed to the bootsector" option before pressing "Add Entry"

ok i'll try that and see how it works, also any ideas why i had to use the vista disk and actually overwrite and completely redo the bcd and easy bcd didn't work even though i did the complete reinstall option?
thanks :smile:

ok i tried it and when i choose the ubuntu option it boots into a grub console like thing, so it obviously doesn't know where ubuntu is installed?
i think thanks
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You overwrote Grub in the MBR with Vista's code, but it does not mean grub is not there. It is just a matter or correctly adding the entry or re-installing grub and then doing so.
find /boot/grub/stage1
this command returns
grub> find /boot/grub/stage1
find /boot/grub/stage1

Error 15: File not found
so what should i do if i don't know which hd ubuntu is mounted on, because i'd been having hard drive problems i'd been switching around the cables so im not sure if ubuntu is on hd0 or hd1, i know it's on partition 1 (because i use the 0 partition for backups and file storage, etc....)
But GRUB was installed on the whole computer when I installed Ubuntu. It was just a few weeks ago I decided to use EasyBCD and overwrote GRUB. Anyways what partition should I install GRUB on or should I say hard disk because if i put it on the vista disk by accident I won't be able to use the windows bootloader. So really I need to find out which disk ubuntu is on and install GRUB on it....
in EasyBCD this is what appears under the easyBCD settings.
Entry #2

Name: Ubuntu 8.04
BCD ID: {a42928b4-629d-11dd-a34d-00044b055407}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\NeoGrub.mbr

(here's what happens on the ubuntu live cd, i found out which partition ubuntu is on...)
grub> root (hd0,2)
root (hd0,2)
grub> setup (hd0,2)
setup (hd0,2)
Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no
Checking if "/grub/stage1" exists... no

Error 15: File not found

in my directory (looking from the ubuntu live cd)
the boot folder was deleted, I know there used to be one because i fiddled with the menu.lst
and in its place is a folder named Boot that has a fonts folder within and various files named bcd (bcd, bcd.log, bcd.log1, and bcd.log2)
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The Ubuntu "boot" (small case) directory is on the Ubuntu (ext3) partition.
The BOOT directory (upper case) directory is on the Windows boot partition and has the bcd & bcd.log* files.
Are you saying that this isn't possible?
Because here is a screenshot (this is from vista using an ext2 reader....)

So regarding this how do I fix it, when setup (hd0,2) doesn't work as said above....


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OK, that would be the problem.

By installing the ext2 driver on Vista, it seems that it accidentally installed its BOOT folder over Ubuntu's own.
ahhh, because i've had the ext2 driver on there when i reinstall vista's bcd now i get it,
but how do i fix this so i can boot ubuntu again?
so, using neogrub to get it to boot to hd(0,2) or /dev/sda3
what should i do?
what kernel am i using (is there a way to find this out?)
and how do i get this all implemented into easyBCD?
thanks a bunch :smile:

here's what i have so far

title Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (Graphic/Web Design)
find --set-root /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.17-10-generic
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.17-10-generic ro root=/dev/sda3
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.17-10-generic
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Assuming that's correct, you should be able to copy and paste that into NeoGrub's configuration file.

EasyBCD | Add/Remove Entries | NeoGrub | Install
"Configure NeoGrub"
i can't install grub but i have gotten into ubuntu, by copy pasting the kernel files into a /boot folder i made from a live cd
so it's sorta working i would still like to have a normal grub if you could tell me how
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sorry for the DP
but i was wondering I've fixed most my problems (I still haven't been able to install GRUB, but will work on that myself)
however if my kernel is updated will ubuntu automatically update the menu.lst from neogrub?
Unfortunately not. You'll have to manually change that to point to the new kernel's version.

NeoGrub is a lot more Windows-friendly, whereas the traditional GRUB is better-integrated with the *nix world.