Ubuntu booting problem


I have WIn 7 RC 64-bit on SATA disk 1 and Ubuntu 9 on SATA disk 2. Installed grub into (hdb1,0). Starte EasyBCD and added Linux boot with GRUB NOT INSTALLED option checked. However, when selecting the Drive in the drop down menu of Easy BCD, Linux is shown to be under Drive 0 most of the time but sometimes it's under Drive 1. Using Ubuntu live CD, I did find /boot/grub/stage1, and got (hdb1,0). So it seems tha Grub is installed on disk 1 and not on disk 0 as reported by EasyBCD.

OK so when I finally boot up and slect NEO Linus I get an error that FIle:\NST\NeoGrub.mbr is missing or corrupt. Status: 0xc0000000F.

I'm really confused. I don't want to install Grub to MBR. I want Grub to be on the Ubuntu drive in "/".

If you install the other two with grub installing to each OSes own partition than yes, just merge the new entries to your existing menu.lst.
well, I installed OpenSuse and foolishly forgot to install OpenSuse bootloader (Grub) to its own partition. Instead, it is in the MBR. I tried write MBR in EasyBCD but that did not works. SO I see OepnSuse bootmanager when computer boots up. Is there some way I can write the MBR like it was possible in XP?
Somehow the whole process got corrupted and the system would not boot at all. So I used the Win 7 repair option and Windows is now booting but the OpenSuse bootmanager boots first.
It seems that whatever WIn 7 fixed, it did not remove OpenSuse bootloader from MBR because it starts up first and I booted windows from the OpenSuse bootmanager menu.


I think this my problem
"If EasyBCD fails, that means a process has locked your BOOT folder. Manually delete this folder with a Live CD, recovery console, or other method, then try Type Three again."
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