Ubuntu Linux 14.04 not booting from EasyBCD 2.2


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I purchased EasyBCD 2.2 the other day as I've been working to set up my 64-bit, i7-4770K based system that's EFI-based. The system boots to Windows 8 on the primary drive and can also boot to Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 14.04 on the secondary drive.

I have been able to install Windows 8 and Windows 7 using EasyBCD with little trouble. (The only issue I had was EasyBCD creating the Windows 7 boot file with the .exe file extension instead of the .efi extension, but I was able to fix that using bcdedit.) I followed the instructions in the user manual, which are also in the blog, for setting up Ubuntu Linux. Now when I try to boot to Ubuntu Linux in Windows Boot Manager, I get the error message 0xc000007b. Apparently either WBM or Ubuntu Linux doesn't like the generated .mbr file created by EasyBCD.

Though I can reinstall Ubuntu Linux and then launch either Ubuntu Linux or either version of Windows from GRUB2, I'd much rather use EasyBCD to set up Windows Boot Manager because Windows performs much better when launched from WBM as opposed to GRUB2.

The instruction manual as well as the Knowledgebase article about installing Ubuntu Linux talks about version 10.04, so perhaps this information is outdated. If there are any updated instructions, please let me know so I can resolve this problem and start setting up Ubuntu Linux. Thanks for your attention.


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Microsoft won't allow the W8 boot manager to boot "foreign" OSs under UEFI. (whether you use EasyBCD or anything else)
afaik the only option for a UEFI Windows/Linux multiboot is to let Grub take control and use it to chain Windows.
so this is bitter truth that ms will not allow to use easybcd with efi to boot linux.
I may like to allow grub to take control but some laptops overwrite (MY HP laptop is one of them) grub and defaults to windows. In my laptop it straight boots to windows 8.1 however if i hit esacape key in time coupled with f9, boot entry fedora is present in addition to entry for windows.