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I need somebody to tell me how to make mi PC Multiboot XP (My default OS) and add Ubuntu 7.10
I have some problems with my PC too ^^, I ve messed it up and now, nothing works,
The Add/Remove doesnt work, task manager doesnt work, etcccc
But that isnt really important because Im getting the XP CDs next week
I am a complete NOOB in this and dont have any fu$%^ idea of what I have to do!
If anybody can tell me how to do this, I would really appreciate it.
byeeee and thanks
PD:Im a noob haha
Install Ubuntu normally, it should pick up your existing Windows installation and add a dual-boot option accordingly.
are u completely sure about that?, because Ive read millions os guides saying that i need to download GRUB and blah blah blah
are u sure it is just like that, just instal Ubuntu and thats it, it automatically recognizes it as a second OS?
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Yes, I am completely sure :smile:
just be sure to download and burn the latest version of Ubuntu.

If it doesn't work, post back and we'll walk you through doing it manually.
hello again
everything seemd ok until the partition part, it taked a long long longgg time ,
then whil it was installing thew system, and arror came up saying this : "failed to create a file system"
and it stucks right there
please what do i have to do now?

EDIT:I tried to install it again, everything looks fien, but it is now stuck in 61% of the instalation (like 15 minutes already) is this normal?

EDIT2: damn I just went to see if it was still on 61 % and I saw that the instalation closed!
and now I cant do anything and i just see the background, not even the taskbar!
please urgent help needed!!!!!
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im sorry for the double post but I cant edit the one before.
I managed to install ubuntu by errasing my Windows XP :glare:
but now i have problems with the ATI X200 grafic card
It says the following : "The software source for the package xorg-driver-fglrx is not enabled"
how can I fix this?
Also, under Firmware, this comes up: "The software for the package bcm 43xx-fwcutter
please what do i have to do to fix this 2 problems as well as conect to the internet :tongueout:
In the Administration menu (at the top) find the "Restricted Drivers" and enable the ATi option.

I'm not sure what you're referring to for the firmware.
thats where i get stuck, I go to Restricted DRivers, and then I try to enable the ATI thing and this comes up: "The software source for the package xorg-driver-fglrx is not enabled"
what should I do?
and the Firmware is in Restricted Drivers too, and I try to enable it and this comes up : "The software for the package bcm 43xx-fwcutter"
any idea of what is this?

PS: oh one more thing, how do i find out mi ISP DNS?
I dont know why, but I fixed that problem by connecting to the internet (wire)
but could you please tell me hoe to configure the computer so that I can connec t to the internet wirelessly please?
thank you!
that didn't work, any other idea?
another problem that I have is that I cant get Compliz Fusion to work!
I cant selected the option custom (System>Administrator>Appearance>Visual Effects Tab>Custom) I got the message: "composite extension is not available"
I fixed that with a guide, but I cant click the preferences, and every time I click Custom, when I close the window and open the Appearance thing again, it changes to Normal.
Also, after I fixed the "Composite extension is not available ....." when I start up Ubuntu, the screen is black when the computer makes the start up sound; and a white cross appears instead of the mouse pointer.

I mainly switched to Linux because of Compliz Fusion, but now I dont know why Im still with Ubuntu if I cant gt it to work
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Well sadly the support for restricted driver and Linux with ATi are poor. Much worse than nVidia. This is a known issue.

ATi Radeon Linux Drivers...HORRIBLE MADNESS!?!? - Computer Forums
Wireless device works, but not finding anything. - Computer Forums
wireless problem in linux - Computer Forums

As you can see in those topics these people are having the same troubles as you are with Ubuntu and their wireless cards and ATi drivers. I know a couple of them are hardcore Linux users and they are having issues. So you might be out of luck since the ATi support is not that great and the wireless support isnt much better than that.

dont be sorry.......... :lup:

sooo do you think I should get a new nvidia, for my laptop(if that even exists haha)
or just uninstal Ubuntu and wait for another computer?
thanks a lot men

PS:if there is such thing as an Nvidia or a laptop, can u ost me the link so that I can see the price , etc
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I just feel bad since you are trying your hardest to get this working and Ubuntu is throwing so many road block for you. I know the feeling as i have been there myself. :wink:

Depeding on the laptop you got you could get a new video card. Some laptops have built in video sources and dont allow for it. You would have to check with your laptop manufacturer.

The best suggestion i can offer is to go to the Ubuntu Forums:

Ubuntu Forums

Look around there and see if they have solutions to your problems. Maybe they can help you along even further than we can. They did create the OS. :wink:

Other than that it would be your only option to wait till you got a new PC to work with.
dont ask me how, but I DID IT~!~~~~~
Compiz Fusion work!!!!!!!!yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
now do u have any clue of how to fix the wireless thing?
thank you
I didn't get to connect my wireless on 7.10, there is a way, but I didn't want to get into it. However, on 7.04 wireless works perfectly, at least for me.

I'm thinking of installing 7.04 and configuring wireless, then do an update to 7.10, logic, but I have no idea would this work.
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Do you mean 7.04? (Feisty).

If so, just install Feisty, open up a console, and type in:
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade