Ubuntu, Vista Bootmgr missing


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I have vista loaded first onto my ide drive which is hd1 on my system. I then install ubuntu to my secondary sata hard drive. I make a new partition on it and install ubuntu at hd0,4. Vista loaded and no sign of grub. I have to use super grub disc at this time to boot ubuntu.

I go through this process as suggested in a help thread

sudo grub
find /boot/grub/stage1
root (hd?,?)
setup (hd?)

I've tried to setup on both hd0 and hd1. Grub loads but I get bootmgr missing when I try to load vista. I had to use bootrec to repair.

So far the only thing that works is easy bcd. What was I doing wrong before to get the bootmgr missing? I didn't get a response in the ubuntu forum. Even though things are working now I don't understand the problem I was having and why it hasn't been corrected since 9.04 and vista have been out for a while.

A laymans explanation would be appreciated.

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If you're using Ubuntu 9.04, you need the latest beta build of EasyBCD 2.0 which you may obtain here. When you installed grub to both hard drives, you ended up overwriting the boot record used to boot Vista (which is why you had to use bootrec). Try adding an entry for Linux using EasyBCD after you've uninstalled NeoGrub at Add/Remove Entries -> NeoGrub tab. If it doesnt work the first time try again, checking the option for grub not being installed. BTW, using the find command you can also specify --set-root so if it finds the file it makes that the root, so the root command isnt required.
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