Ubuntu-Vista Dual-Boot Help


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Am going to try to do all the things mentioned in the above, so far after loading Ubuntu to the free space on my drive to run along with Vista and running a couple of versions of EasyBCD I have had no end of problems. LOL ... freezes, reboots and reloads of repair disks to windows etc etc ... I will admit to being a dos type person for a long time and I am dying to try all this new stuff with linux etc ... hopefully help from the forum will get me over the line. Fingers crossed and thanx ppls....
ps.. have used pc's for past 30 years plus and still luv em ... and also im 59 ... oooh me back .. LOL

[editor's note: see here for our photo-tutorial on dual-booting Ubuntu and Vista]
Hi dualuser,

Can you give us more info on your setup?
You have Vista installed, correct? And you (want to|already have) install(ed) Ubuntu?

Give us the 411 and we'll get to the bottom of this together in no time.