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I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 after using Vista to reduce it's partition size and then allocating an Ubuntu partition and a swap partition. All this on a Dell Inspiron 1721 laptop.
I then downloaded Ubuntu 10.10, burned it onto a DVD, and installed it into the Ubuntu partition.
It installed OK and booted up.
But I couldn't get at Vista anymore (it only listed embedded XP as an option, and that returned an 0xc0000098 error).
Downloaded EasyBCD on another machine and managed to fix the booting issue.
Both Vista and Ubuntu now boot.
Ubuntu works somewhat. The Chrome browser works and downloads data just fine. But Ubuntu hangs unexpectedly. It always hangs when the screensaver kicks in (after typing in the requested password). It always hangs if I attempt a System Administration function such as Synoptic? packages.
I tried:
sudo apt-get updates
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot
but that didn't fix things.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

We're not really too well versed in the intricacies of Ubuntu, a better place to ask would be the official ubuntu forums at Ubuntu Forums

Our job here is to mainly get it to co-boot alongside Windows.

However, I believe this issue is caused by incompatible graphics drivers. I would Google for "binary restricted drivers for XXXX for ubuntu" (without the quotes, of course) where XXX is your graphics card - it is the most fitting explanation for your problem.
Hardware Drivers is a good place to look under System > Administration. They've got pretty good about showing you that there are restricted drivers you can install for your system if they're available (for me it offered to install the wi-fi drivers I needed to get on the net without having to use ndiswrapper).
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You can use CPU-z to see the name of your video card if you wish. Or you can do it from Windows.

CPU-Z 1.56 32 bit


CPU-Z (64-bit) 1.56

once you get the name of the video card you might make a post over at Ubuntu Forums under this subsection Hardware and Laptops


see also:

Ubuntu documentation video cards:
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