Ubuntu Wubi and EasyBCD

Sir Guru, I just want to ask,,,I've already tried to dual boot Windows 7 with old version Linux Ubuntu,,,Is this new Easy BCD will work if I Tried Multi Boot Windows 7 with New Linux Ubuntu, this version of Ubuntu you can install without formatting you drive & you can install install inside windows with the use of Program called Wubi,,,I already try this new version of Ubuntu in VirtualBox,,,I am confusing to decide to or not to dual boot with new Ubuntu,because I want to use Linux Ubuntu using this called virtual hardisk if I was wrong for this term.,,,,,,,I want to clarify this....I want to Multi Boot Windows 7,XP & Linux Ubuntu,, but I want to install Ubuntu in the way of installing inside windows method & will create a virtual hardisk with the use of program called Wubi....Because I don't want to format my drive...Is Possible to make this?.....I Hope you can help me about this..thank you
You won't need EasyBCD to use Ubuntu, just pop in the latest Ubuntu disc and when Wubi runs follow the instructions. It'll add the boot entry for you.
It may be that AMD64 version of Wubi Ubuntu 10.04 is not working properly. The BCD is written properly in the first part of the install ie: the install re-boot works properly. BUT, when the second part of the install runs the BCD is no longer correct.

The correct BCD for Wubi Ubuntu should show the bootloader path as follows:


(NOT \NST\AutoNeoGrub4.mbr - auto created when choosing 'WUBI' from EasyBCD menu.)

Is this not correct ? Or am I not understanding something ?

Thanks for your help.

The entries vary because EasyBCD well use NeoGrub as you see in the path to chainload the correct loader.
Use the bcdedit command line:

bcdedit /set {xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx} path \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr
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Please check your syntax. My bcdedit doesn't have a /edit command


OK.. the syntax is /set , not /edit !! THANKS. All fixed.
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