Ubuntu_Win7 Dual Boot Adding Ubuntu to MBR


Win7 installed on C-drive. Installed Ubuntu 10.04 on the third HD after creating two partitions on the third drive. One 200 GiB and the other 5 GiB for swap. Didn't use the Advanced button to place Grub2 on third drive. Restarted and Grub2 appeared and selected Windows 7.

In EasyBCD added Entry of Grub2 and gave a descriptive name. Wrote to MBR from Bootloader Setup page.
Bootup doesn't bring up the Windows Boot Manager. It goes directly into Windows.

How to get Windows Boot Manager to show up? or Grub2?
Re-add the entry again? It well need to be a grub2 entry. If you still have issues post a screenshot of disk management and the BCD details from EasyBCD.
I've re-added the entry several times. Strange however when I rebooted and opened EasyBCD previously, there was no entry for linux only windows 7.


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Immediately after adding the linux entry and rebooting, the attached is the boot entry in EasyBCD. Linux entry is missing. This is puzzling and I don't know how to proceed.


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Try it again. This time post the detailed BCD entries. It might be you have multiple BCD stores on the system.