Unable to access the BCD store


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I've tried and used Easy BCD 1.7x on a machine but was setting up a new laptop with multiple OSes. Installed EasyBCD 2.0 beta build 46 and it helped me with my issue. And I've worked out to complete my multi-OS install I have gone back into Vista to check some settings because XP won't boot anymore.

Starting up the app I receive an error:

(Error Accessing BCD Registry)
EasyBCD is unable to access the BCD store.
The boot configuration data store could not be opened.

I poked around in THE registry and didn't find much and didn't see much in the program directory either.

Current MBR boots GRUB and then EasyBCD is used for different windows stuff.

After rebooting and reinstalling a couple times I found a new release (53) of EasyBCD v2 beta so I tried it and receive the same error.

I've also tried running eBCD as Administrator too with the same result.

Where can I look for the BCD registry and what should the permissions be?

Hi Len, welcome to NST.
Your problem is that you've overwritten the Vista boot with grub during one of your linux installs.
You need to repair the Vista boot first, then use EasyBCD to tailor your multi-boot.
Hi Terry,

im using winxp and winvista in my laptop but xp crashes, what i did is i reinstall the winxp and what happen now is the Dual Boot option menu is gone.

I downloaded your EasyBCD software but im getting errors with it, "unable to access the BCD store" can i ask if you can explain more the steps that you posted above in how to fix the error.

-- razkie02
Startup repair from Vista's DVD or our recovery disc. When Vista boots correctly, you should have no problems than accessing the bcd store. You should also get and use build 60 (the latest build at the time of this post) available here.