unable to boot from recovery cd

i downloaded the iso, then used imgburn to burn it to disk, but when i put it in the laptop it will not boot from the disk.

"press any key to boot from cd or dvd" does not appear
Enter BIOS setup from your power-up splash screen (should be a press "hotkey" message somewhere), and put CD-ROM before HDD in the boot sequence.
Have you tested any other bootable CDs to see if they will boot?

This boot utility is excellent. You can download the CD ISO image and make a boot disk. It has a Linux partition editor and a any ability to boot to DOS and access the CD-ROM drive. It has a myriad of other system utilities as well. A later version of this compilation is being sold for money but this one is free.

Ubunto OS disk:

Ultimate Boot CD 5.0.3:
Click whare is say’s “Softpedia Secure Download (US)” for a direct download

Description of utilities: