Unable to boot into Ubuntu from Vista Bootloader -- URGENT!


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ok here is my problem

One day, I went into msconfig.exe from the start menu to disable a setting I previously enabled due to performance issues. then I think I accidentally clicked a wrong button because when I restarted my computer, Ubuntu was gone from the Windows Vista Bootloader. The option was not there. Then, I went to the Ubuntu Wiki and saw that there was an entry relating to my issue so I clicked it and i found out about EasyBCD. I installed it then tried to repair my Vista bootloader.

heres what i did:

I went into the "Add/Remove Entries" section of the program then scrolled down to "Add an Entry". I clicked the Linux tab then where it says type i picked wubi because that is what i used to install ubuntu then i clicked add.

then i clicked Write to MBR thinking that would save the changes I made.

Installed iReboot then clicked on ubuntu then after a few seconds of my computer rebooting i selected ubuntu from the windows bootloader then it went into the grub command-line. it said it was a bash-like command, having used Knoppix and familar somewhat with terminal i tried some commands: kernel, boot, ubuntu, etc. no luck

I gave up then typed halt and now i booted back into vista typing about this. I want to be able to recover my existing ubuntu setup without having to reinstall if possible (e.g. drivers settings, apps all there)

Thank for your help try to respond ASAP or you can email me at sstewart207@hotmail.com